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After a long lay off from flying and being involved with it, I caught the bug again. My friends that fly directed me to barnstormers.com and this Culver surfaced.

I used to see them come into the airports and always admired them, but was too involved with making a living to entertain owning one. Recently another project surfaced. The Culver below is currently at the A & P shop where I can work on it along with other planes.

This was a 1941 Culver that has no indication of ever being on it's belly. All records and logs have been made available, to us, regarding the plane. There is a 90 H.P. Franklin engine that has been rebuilt and was in perfect condition before new gaskets etc... were installed.

There have been a total of 4 owners before it came into my posession, originally being purchased in N.Y. buy it's first owner, and then moved to N.J. and then on to FL. where I found it after being stored in a dry hanger in March of 2011.

The plane was complete with all accessories, but in need of a complete restoration.

This plane was last flown in 1964.

It is a pleasure to share my renovation with you and this website will be updated as  the Culver Cadet develops.

Thanks for dropping by.



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In the beginning: Please click each photo for a larger view

Day One
Photo of plane where I purchased it

Fuselage went on the trailer first !

Hurry Woody, this darn thing is heavy!

Trailer held larger pieces while truck bed held lots of boxes of parts, etc.

Ready to tarp, tie down and hit the road home

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Culver Cadet Purchase
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